I grew up as the daughter of two architects.  For most of my early years I watched the processes of design and construction unfold, as my parents undertook large projects for clients by day, and delved into their own impressive home renovations at night.  Drywall and spackle became normative facts of life for those years, but the finished creations impressed on me the power of architecture -- it was a craft that could transform, and the spaces of warmth, and light, and coziness seemed gifts it proffered to the dismal dinge that once existed.  

After receiving my own degree in Architectural Design, I gravitated towards the visual aspects of the architectural world.  Architectural Graphics is where I landed, and I now work primarily as a Photographer and Architectural Renderer.  I am based in Vermont, but I travel freely for work (and fun). Please feel welcome to get in touch with me about photography work and styling through my contact info above: 


EMAIL: photography@lindsayselin.com

PHONE : (802) 999 8832


Burlington Vermont Photographer

LINDSAY SELIN PHOTOGRAPHY  |  photography@lindsayselin.com  |  802.999.8832